Tuesday, 23.11.2021 - Kossuth Klub & Zoom Meeting

Domestic and multinational capital

Új Egyenlőség Magazine and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest  have their next joint event with the title of Possibilities of social compromise in Hungary. It will take place  on 23th Nov, 2021 at 7.00 pm in Kossuth klub with the title „Domestic and multinational capital”

Since transition, multinational firms operating in Hungary have received more support than domestic SMEs. Why would a more balanced support system be preferable? How could this be achieved? What are the real roles of the multinational players in the Hungarian economy? How are they integrated into the economic processes? What are the positive synergies between the multinational firms and the SMEs?

  • Date: 23. November 2021 19:00 h
  • Venue: Kossuth Klub & Zoom Meeting
  • Language(s): Hungarian (with English interpretation)
  • Partner: Új Egyenlőség
  • Invitation: Download Invitation
  • Registration for online participation here.


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