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Sustaining Media Pluralism in Europe: How to turn Digital Platform Regulation into a Tool for Democracy?

Our online event is jointly organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (EU Office in Brussels and Budapest Office) and Reporters Without Borders with the partnership of Petra Kammerevert MEP (S&D)

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The media sector was already in a bad shape before the corona pandemic. As advertising revenues are decreasing, not only the substance of individual media outlets is at stake but the overall role of journalism as a corrective of democracy has become questionable. The clear and cross-border market failure would make regulatory intervention necessary. The forthcoming legislative package on platform regulation (Digital Services Act) opens up a window of opportunity, as Olaf Steenfadt (Reporters Without Borders, RSF) argues in our FES-Briefing. Search engines and social media should not only delete hate and dangerous content but should also be obliged to promote trustworthy journalism. How can European platform regulation be used for visibility and sustainability of high-quality information sources?

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The FES Biefing is available here.


Download our riport about the media situation in Central- and Southeast Europe from here.



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