Monday, 27.11.2023 - Gólya

This year's last filmclub: Just Great

On the last filmclub screening this year, we will watch Jean-Luc Godard’s an Jean-Pierre Gorin’s  film „Just Great” (Tout Va Bien) from 1972. The film centers on a strike at a sausage factory which is witnessed by an American reporter and her French husband, who is a director of TV commercials. They arrived to interview the factory director, but soon they find themselves looked up in the director’s office as the workers occupy the building. The film is about the working class, the nature of capitalism and class society. After the film a short discussion with Máté Konkol director and Noémi Lehoczki journalist, will be moderated by Ferenc Kőszeghy, Mérce-journalist.

When? - 27 November 2023, 19:00

Where? - Gólya (1089-Budapest, Orczy út 46-48.)

Please click here for the trailer of the movie.

Please find the screening’s facebook-event under the following link.



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