Thursday, 30.04.2015

"Gender as symbolic glue" - The position and role of conservative and far right parties in the anti-gender mobilization in Europe. In co-operation with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

This publication aims to critically analyse the emergence of anti-gender mobilisations in European far right and conservative party programmes and the role of the respective parties in shaping the discourse and mobilisations. Five case studies - France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia - are looked upon. Common chronological overview and transnational commonalities are introduced. The authors argue that "gender" serves as "symbolic glue" for agenda setting for conservatives and the far right political forces. However, anti-gender forces have a deeper root in crisis of neoliberalism. The publication offers policy recommendations to progressive actors to stand against fundamentalist political activism.

You can download the study in English from here.

You can download the policy brief summarizing the main points of the publication from here.

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