kedd, 06.10.2015

Love and Politics

Love, which carries the possibility for truly symmetric, mutual relationships between people, is an essential part of human existence. How we think about it has far-reaching consequences for the gender relations and for the societal practices amongst which we get socialised and rear our children. How did people think about love in the course of history?

How does the tradition of courtly love influence our concepts of dominance, initiative, subordination, dependence and partnership? How does the economic order based on the cult of consumption define our desires and ideas about love? What kind of emancipatory and political potential is there in in the discourse about love? Is any dialogue possible across various concepts of love?

These questions were explored in the dialogue forum "Love: Personal? Political?" held by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Budapest on 6 October 2015.

This volume is a collection of the edited versions of the lectures held at the conference about the different conceptualizations of love throughout history, ideologies and different scientific disciplines.

You can download the book in English from here and in Hungarian from here.


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