Tuesday, 13.04.2021 - Zoom Meeting

Could it be possible to have a less politicized Hungarian society?

Photo: Elijah G / @elijjah Quelle/Copyright: Unsplash.com

Please register here for the latest of our series of public discussions on possibilities of social compromise in Hungary. This is the second event, jointly organized by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and New Equality Online Magazine, addressing the issue „Could it be possible to have a less politicized Hungarian society?”

The Hungarian Life-world is harmfully over-politicized. The politicization could create in secondary issues civil war atmosphere, while primary issues are not discussed in a rational manner.  Compared to calmer countries, politics suppresses our everyday lives. Could this be otherwise? How could more space be given to the rest of society and less to politics? Why are Hungarians so passive when it comes to participating in social organizations, NGOs? Why is verbal hyperactivity present?

  • Date: 18.00 h, 13 April
  • Venue: Online
  • Language(s): Hungarian (with English translation) 
  • Partner: Új Egyenlőség



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