Europe’s Migration Myths

A new guide tries to clear up common misconceptions on migration – by checking both pro as well as anti-migration arguments.

Can people from outside the EU solve the problems of an ageing European society? Will migrants take us over? Are they an economic burden for their receptive countries? Are all migrants men and do they threaten our safety? What is the role of the European Union; does it encourage migration?

Be it at the kitchen table, on the podium of a talk show or on the election poster - migration is the subject of endless discussions. Often emotional, often confrontational and not always with the necessary facts and evidence.

Together with GLOBSEC the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung developed a compact guide which addresses some of the most common myths about migration in Europe. The publication provides arguments based on numbers and facts for the reevaluation of some well established convictions, often deeply ingrained in peoples’ minds. Even if the contributions can only signal the importance of a topic without debating all dimensions towards migration it aims to provide the ground for fact-based discussions. In the area of migration this is needed more than anywhere else.


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