Thursday, 01.07.2021

Reopening of the exhibition “Waiting Room – Female Healers and Patients on the Periphery of Medicine”

The exhibition “Waiting Room – Female Healers and Patients on the Periphery of Medicine” can finally be visited again after a long break due to Corona. The contemporary art works are integrated within the permanent exhibition of the Semmelweis Medical History Museum in Budapest.

Exhibited artists: Ágnes Eperjesi Viola Fátyol Zsuzsanna Simon Lilla Szász Dominika Trapp and Sarolta Kremmer Balázs Varju Tóth 

Date: from 29 June 2021 till September 2021 

Important: Please bring Your vaccination certificate! The exhibition can only be visited with it.  

The aim of the project “Waiting Room – Female Healers and Patients on the Periphery of Medicine”  is to address the controversial or under-emphasized but important role of female healers (like midwifes, health care visitors) or diseases connected to women (like hysteria) and to shed light on the marginal role of women in the history of science.  

The art project was accompanied by a series of talks organised together by the curators and the FES. Unfortunately the events took place in Hungarian, no English translation is provided. The discussions were the following:  

  • Personalprofessionalism – healthvisitors in the 21st century in Hungary; DiscussionwithanthropologistAlexandra Szőke and Adél Pongrácz healthvisitor 

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  • Bodilyintegrity -fromthegallstonetoartificialinsemination; Discussionwithlawyer and bioethicianJudit Sándorand Z. Márió Nemes philiosopher

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  • Midwifery, motherhood, societyfemaleroles and societalexpectations; Discussionwithsociologists Szabina Kerényi and Sarolta Kremmerwho is aswell a student of midwifery

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  • Hair, hysteriafemaledeviance?;Discussionwithpsychologist Dóra Máriási and historian Zsolt K. Horváth

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