What do Europeans think about migration online?

A Social Media Intelligence Report looks at all 28 EU member states over the period of one year. Here are the results

The Hungarian institute Bakamo Social evaluated more than 45 million comments over a period of one year. The result consists of 28 country reports and one European summary. According to the results, five pan-European narratives are discussed in all countries. Migration as a security issue, a question of identity, an economic or demographic challenge and a humanitarian issue. Despite overlapping content, there is a clear trend. Discussions on security and loss of identity dominate the web. The humanitarian narrative hardly penetrates and is just as often used by anti-migration supporters. Economic and demographic discussions are rather underrepresented.

Interesting results can also be found in the individual country reports. These provide insight into local and pan-European trends: Which events triggered the strongest discussions in 2017/18? Were the discussions more objective or emotional? Which channels and accounts dominated the debate?

Click on the animation for the respective country report.

Click HERE for the Summary Report.


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